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Upgrade pak for Dryer Buddy™ , RV Buddy, Electric Range Buddy, Welder Buddy on order (waiting for build) to Twin 4 Color kWH meters

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This is an Order Upgrade Pak for any pending Dryer Buddy, RV Buddy, Electric Range Buddy, Welder Buddy orders of any number. It upgrades the optional Volt/Amp meter or blue kWh meter to TWO of my new 4 Color kWh Meters, you must choose to have the meter while ordering your Buddy box FIRST, then add this Upgrade Pak to step up to the Twin 4 color kWh meters. Each meter monitors and accumulates kilo watt hours (kWH's) for it's own outlet.

This is a great upgrade for when you need to keep track of the power used by each outlet independently. The enclosure size is also upgraded to 8"x8"x4" to make room for twin meters.

If this Upgrade Pak is ordered after 2 business days (M-F) from your original order you must contact BSA Electronics first to see if your original order qualifies as it may be to far along into the build process.

This is the latest and greatest meter that I offer for my custom products. Check out the demo video I made comparing the original to the new unit: New 4 color meter

The example pic shown is of a customized Electric Range Buddy Plus AUTO with the meter option AND this Upgrade Pak added. The outlets have not been installed yet. It is only for illustration purposes to show the 4 color meter. Your unit will have the outlets as you order it.


  • Changes the existing meter to the 4 color kWh meter
  • Adds a second 4 color kWh meter
  • Upgrades Buddy box from 6x6x4 to 8x8x4

Note: if you select "Triple Play Dryer/RV/Electric Range/Welder Buddy" and your order doesn't have the Triple Play Upgrade Pak on it, you will be sent a notification email once we proof the order and will create an invoice for the difference.

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