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50A 12kW Premium High Power outdoor OpenEVSE with built in current display & Blue LCD display w/Real Time Clock, programmable start/stop times, selectable length BSA Ultra Flexible J1772 cable - EVSE60 in PDF

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50A 12kW Premium High Power outdoor OpenEVSE with built in current display & Blue LCD display w/Real Time Clock, programmable start/stop times

  • Premium OpenEVSE 50A in a beautiful custom case for indoor/outdoor use!

In the package, you will receive:

  • Your very own OpenEVSE 50A charging station with the following cables already wired in
    • A Custom 15 to 30 foot, 52amp J1772 "Whip" with 63A high current plug and PET braided sleeving. (plugs into car) addl. footage available!
    • A 3.5-foot input cable with 14-50P plug (also known as 'RV' plug and Range plug)
  • Made by BSA Electronics in Las Vegas, NV
  • Known as EVSE60 in my PDF Catalog
  • 2 years parts/labor warranty


Product Description

Our 50-amp OpenEVSE station is ready to plug into any NEMA 14-50 outlet, and it works with all production EV’s on the road today. It offers faster charging and more features like a nice LCD at a far lower price than any of the competitors.

It is perfect for customers who are tired of long slow charging with their stock “brick” chargers. I can speak from personal experience; my 2013 LEAF went from 24 hr charge time down to 5 hours! Don’t pay the dealer $1500 for an AeroVironment 30A charger with NO LCD that’s permanently on the wall. (That’s what many including myself have been quoted!) Get yourself an OpenEVSE Charging Station and support the open source hardware/software movement.

  1. More power and features for the money than any other charging station
  2. Can be used with any power source: Plugs into a dryer, RV park or regular wall outlet with available adapters. Save hundreds of dollars on installation - just install a common NEMA 14-50 outlet and you are ready to plug in your OpenEVSE
  3. Great for both Home or on-the-road charging: OpenEVSE can be mounted on the wall via slotted screw holes and removed in seconds if you wish to take it with you. OpenEVSE station is just 7.5"x4.5"x3" and weighs ~10lbs with cables.
  4. Real Time Clock (RTC) for Delayed Charging
  5. Ammeter in display to show how much current your drawing
  6. Indoor and Outdoor rated


It will charge any J1772 compliant car at up to 40A. However you can dial it back to whatever you have for a supply.


The EVSE may be set in multiple steps between 6A-40A in 2 amp increments. This advertises the available current to the EV which intern draws what it is designed for. You can go into the menu and set it for less if you take the EVSE on the road with you to fit what you may find in the wild.

Runs on 120v and 240v, switches automatically. Plugs into ANY outlet with adapters!

This unit is constructed with 50A components with a 80amp relay. It is built to plug into a common 14-50 outlet used in RV parks and Range/Oven’s.



  • 120v/240v auto switching
  • OpenEVSE main board
  • 25ft. Custom 52A J1772 "Whip" with 63A high current plug and PET braided sleeving. Additional footage available
  • 80amp high current relay
  • The input cable is a Monster Cable brand 50A 3.5ft. 6ga. with the popular NEMA 14-50 plug. This is the one all the Tesla guys have installed as well as the standard at RV parks!
  • You can even use the PlugShare app and set the filters to include NEMA 14-50 and see all of them in the country, there are a surprising number of them.
  • It has a nice Blue LCD display.
  • Real Time Clock processor board
  • Ammeter coil for Wh meters on-screen
  • I used a metal blue lighted ring Menu/Select button. With IP65 water resistance rating
  • Heat shrink tubing used throughout.
  • All parts are new.


PDF Catalog

Updated continuously, see whats new! Copy The link below into your browser and hit enter. You will get a box asking if you want to signup for Dropbox, you can if you like (its free and cool) or just close it. My beautiful PDF catalog will then open automatically! You can even save it but I update often so its best to just save the link!

You will find lots more stuff inside than what is here on the online store, many options and great pictures with links to demos too!



If you would like this unit customized with a twist lock plug for example or something other than the NEMA 14-50 plug I can do that for the difference in parts. For example a L6-30 twist lock plug. This would allow you to use many adapters. I also build custom adapters, Please email me with your custom request.


Custom order possibilities:

I get a lot of inquires about custom builds. YES I definitely take orders for anything you would like to see in your EVSE. Example I can build this one here for the same price and make the Whip longer for only a few dollars a foot up to 50ft. Please see the Custom category.


Works with the following vehicles and more!
Nissan LEAF
Toyota RAV4
Toyota Prius Plug-in
Chevrolet Volt
Chevrolet Spark EV
Mitsubishi i-MiEV
BMW i3
BMW i8
Cadillac ELR
Fiat 500e
Ford C-max Energi
Ford Fusion Energi
Ford Focus Electric
Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid
Smart ForTwo Electric Drive
Porsche Panamera S e-Hybrid
Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid
Volkswagen e-Golf
Kia Soul EV
Tesla Model S (with included OEM J1772 adapter)
Tesla Model X (with included OEM J1772 adapter)

It will charge any J1772 compliant car at up to 40A including home built/converted cars with a J1772 inlet installed.

New Tax Credit now available! 

Included in the omnibus bill that Congress passed and the President signed on Friday December 18, 2015 was a 30% Federal tax credit for installing EV charging equipment good through the end of 2016. The tax credit for EV charging equipment is officially called the Alternative Refueling Tax Credit (IRS Section 30(C)). For Consumers, this allows for a 30% tax credit up to a total of $1,000 on EV charging equipment, including installation. The IRS will provide new forms for this tax credit in early 2016. Please check with your tax accountant to verify that you qualify.

Case Specs:

  • UL Listed to UL 508A, Type 1, 2, 4, 4X, 12 and 13 specifications (File E352997)
  • Designed to IP66 of IEC 529 specifications
  • Silicone rubber gasket makes this ideal for outdoor use in a wide range of conditions
  • Surface-mounting flanges
  • Stainless steel screws thread into brass inserts for reliable cover seal.
  • Durable, impact-resistant UV Stabilized Polycarbonate material with polished finish


Main Board Specs:

  • Open Source - Hardware (Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA) and Firmware (GNU GPL v3)
  • Fully supports SAE J1772 Recommended Practice
  • Software adjustable pilot
  • 4W Switch Mode Power Supply Integrated
  • Built in GFCI with 20ma trip point
  • Supports all J1772 states including "ventilation required"
  • Supports Diode check
  • AC L1 -- L2 auto detect Current setting for each
  • Ground verification and Stuck Relay detection


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