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Adapter #48 30A L6-30 custom extension cord, BSA custom cable, braided sleeving

  • 10309

A very handy extension cord to have! Works well at home or on the road in areas where you need a little more length to plug in your EVSE. Plugs into a NEMA L6-30 outlet (Twist-lock 240v 30amp). 40A BSA custom cable matches the BSA Custom braided J1772 whips found on my EVSE’s Custom lengths available. This cable is for 24amp continuous or lower load.

The L6-30 connector is commonly found in computer server rooms and is used on some EVSE's, it is a locking 240volt 30amp connector.

Note: The pic showing the cable has a NEMA 6-20 connectors and is only for illustration purposes, this extension cord includes NEMA L6-30 connectors.

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