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Power Spy Mini™ #1 20A 240v Splitter/Energy Monitor, NEMA 6-20 to duplex 6-20 outlet with kWh/Watt/Volt/Amp meter

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The Power Spy Mini™ is equipped with a NEMA 6-20 plug and a NEMA 6-20 duplex Outlet in a compact enclosure. It allows you to monitor the wattage, voltage and amperage flowing through to your EVSE (Electric Vehicle Charging Station), or any other device equipped with a NEMA 6-20 plug. It also accumulates kilowatt-hours (kWh's), by multiplying this number by your electric rate you can see how many dollars and cents it cost to charge your electric vehicle or run the appliance you have plugged into it. Both Outlets are monitored, with two outlets you can plug in two charging stations, you would then program your electric vehicles for staggered charging one after the other, the meter will then tell you how much electricity was used to charge your vehicles.  The Power Spy Mini is not just an Electric Vehicle accessory but can be used to monitor how much energy your Bitcoin miners, lights or any other 240-volt devices are using.

The Power Spy Mini is specifically built to be as compact as possible and take as little space as possible.

Great for apartment dwellers to keep track of an individual EV when sharing a power bill. See my demo video here: coming soon.