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Meter reset-button security Key Switch Upgrade Pak for all products with a Meter on order (waiting for build)

  • 5999

This is an Order Upgrade Pak for all pending products with a Meter. It upgrades the unit with a Security Key Switch that enables and disables the Meter's kWh reset button. This allows you to prevent unauthorized individuals from resetting the Kilowatt-hour reading (kWh). This is very useful when using one of our Power Spy™ products for example in a public space where you are monitoring a tenants personal power usage. Usage is simple, at any time a Manager may take a kWh reading, then use the key to activate the Meter's reset button, hold the button for two seconds to zero out the kWh's and switch the unit back to Secured. The key may be removed in the Enabled or Secured position.

Discreetly mounted on the bottom of the case by default to avoid drawing attention, may be placed in another position by request at chekcout in the notes section.

This Upgrade Pak is not for existing Dryer Buddy's Plus AUTO that are already built. You must have a Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO on order FIRST or in your cart before adding this Upgrade Pak, purchasing this upgrade doesn't include a Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO, it is an Upgrade Pak as titled.

If this Upgrade Pak is ordered after 2 business days (M-F) from your order you must contact BSA Electronics first to see if your original order qualifies as it may be to far along into the build process.


  • Adds security to the Meter Kilowatt-hour (kWh) reset feature
  • Two keys included, may be duplicated by a locksmith for addl keys
  • May be added to any of our products that contain a Meter

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