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Current Build Time

Each order is a unique creation hand built by me, my build and test time varies by product.

Any Plus AUTO Buddy (automatic switching): 3 business days (M-F).
Any PLUS Buddy (manual switching): 3 business days (M-F).
Any EasySplit 220 or original Buddy unit (2-way splitter, no switching): 3 business days (M-F).
Adapters or adapter-extensions: 3 business days (M-F).

EVSE's we sell from OpenEVSE, Tesla, Duosida and Zencar: 3 business days (M-F).

I like to thoroughly load/stress test all of my product’s before I ship them. I take pride in crafting a long lasting product for years of enjoyment.  I include tracking when it ships. Here is a quick link to the Business Day calculator I use: 
Wishing you Happy EV'ing!