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About us

BSA Electronics was started out of my lifelong passion and love of electronics.

In June of 2014 I purchased my 1st Electric Vehicle, a 2013 Nissan LEAF! This is the funnest car I’ve ever owned. It started me on the search for a Level 2 charging station. Finding prices near $1500 and higher I kept digging and after some research I found the OpenEVSE project. This DIY approach and open community of software and hardware really spoke to me. I built one EVSE around the OpenEVSE main board and sold it, then another and another. This was the humble beginnings of my home based business that bear my initials.

While employed by a local contractor who stopped paying myself and the other employee for many months, we went through a severe financial hardship. I was driven and motivated to make BSA Electronics a real full time business.

I sell Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (called EVSE’s) and invented the Dryer Buddy™ 240volt power splitter. I build these and accessories to support my family. We are located in sunny Las Vegas Nevada.


Thank You

Brad Apelgren