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Adapter #99 20amp 10-30 Plug to 5-15 / 5-20 outlet adapter 5.5ft. in metal box For Tesla Mobile connector, 2016+ Volt and Bolt EVSE's, Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid - Special

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SOLD - Showroom Special Item 25% off - 5.5' version, brand new never used.

Sometimes you just need something custom! With this adapter you can connect a 240v compatible device that's equipped with a 120v 5-15 or 5-20 plug to your dryer outlet, it will fit into a 3-prong 10-30 outlet which is the older dryer outlet allowing you to take it on the road and plug into a friends dryer outlet. Built with a durable metal box outlet that may be wall mounted with the ground pin up or down.

Be sure to check the information plate on your device or check online to insure it can handle 240 volts, some factory EVSE are 240v compatible and are not labeled such as the EVSE's that come with the Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid and the stock EVSE's included with the 2016-2018 GM Volt and GM Bolt

Example uses are:

Boost the output of the stock EVSE included with the new Chrysler Pacifica Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) to cut charge times in half.

Boost the output of the stock EVSE included with the 2016-2018 GM Volt and GM Bolt to cut charge times in half. Look for GM part #2427-7224 or #2428-0118 or #2428-8872 (these are just a few of the known numbers)

List of 2016 - 2022 Compatible Vehicles and Chargers (and older)

-=Do not use if your vehicle is not listed=-


Vehicle Model

*Look for these Charger Model #’s on the Label


Bolt, Volt, Spark*

2016 -2021* Voltec GM 23254904, 23254905, 24291478 24297486 GM #E346031


Bolt, Volt, Spark (older)*

24277224, 24280118, 24288872, 24291478,22967199, 22940501,  



All 2016 - 2021   P05062107AC, V96555BD 


Fiat 500e

All 2013 - 2020


Fusion, Focus, Escape, C-Max*

2014-2020* Check Model #  FoMoCo: FM58-10B706AG (or AH, or AJ):   HS78-10B706-AA



Check Model* # 1T210-5WJ-A0 


Elantra, Ioniq, Kona Sonata, Santa Fe, Tucson*

2015 - 2022* Check Model # 91887-G7520 & 91670-K4020 YURA or PSE-13-00084 Kyungshin. 


Niro, Optima, Soul*

2017 - 2022*  Model # 91686-G5020, 91887 -G5520, & 91887-G5521 YURA



2016 - 2019 Check Model # 29690 3NF2E, Panasonic

Smart Car 

ED, ForTwo, ForFour*

2013-2019* 117148  3015008, some older 2013

Toyota, Lexus

Prius, Prius Prime, RAV4*

2012-2022* Check Model  # G9060-47190 or G9060-47130


All models (Gen 2)

Works with Gen 2 Mobile Connector and NEMA 5-15 120V adapter


120V 16A

All level 1 & level 2 chargers with 120V PLUG -  2016 - 2020                                                                         

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