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Adapter #114 30A extension cord 10-30 plug to 6-50 box outlet

  • 8409

Black NEMA 10-30 extension cord

Sometimes you just need something custom! This adapter was created by request and added to the website. It has a 10-30 plug and a 6-50 box type outlet. With this adapter you can connect a 240v device that's equipped with a 6-50 plug to a 10-30 outlet. Extend your 3-prong Dryer outlet out to your garage. Works well where you need a little more length to plug in your 30A EVSE. Constructed of heavy 30amp cable, with a box type outlet on the end. This is a 30amp cable for 24amp continuous or lower load following the NEC's 80% rule of thumb. Constructed using my super flexible black rubber cord.


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