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BSA Electronics Intellisplit™ - Intelligent Splitter Outdoor version

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The NEW hardwired version of our popular Dryer Buddy™ Plus AUTO is here!

NEW 60A and 70A units will be available starting July 18th, may be preordered now with an expected ship date according to our Current Build Time starting on July 18th

The BSA Electronics Intellisplit™ - Intelligent Splitter Outdoor version is a hardwired fully automatic 2-way switcher based on the original Dryer Buddy™ Plus AUTO. It allows you to share your Dryer circuit with your EVSE without having to flip any switches. It may also be used to share any circuit with a second load, for example an Electric Water Heater circuit can be shared with a new 240v outlet for anything you need to power. Basic operation is simple, the Dryer circuit is always live and the EVSE circuit is only live when there is enough amperage available to charge your EV. When the Dryer is off it is drawing little to no amps so the EVSE circuit is switched on allowing your EV to charge. If the Dryer is turned on at any time then the EVSE circuit is switched off, when the Dryer is done, power is restored to the EVSE circuit and if your EV needs charging it will resume charging after a 5 min delay (adjustable). Designed so other members of the house don't have to understand anything technical to use the Dryer when they need to do a load of laundry.

The BSA Electronics Intellisplit™ Outdoor version is built in a heavy metal distribution center rated for Outdoor use and comes with a redundant circuit breaker for the EVSE output. This provides a local disconnect so you may work down the line on your EVSE without removing power to your Dryer or other appliance. This unit doesn't include a kWh meter as those are not rated for outdoor use.

Selecting models; Typically you would select the BSA Electronics Intellisplit™ Outdoor version with the same rating as your existing circuit breaker but you can future proof by ordering a larger unit that has more bandwidth (in amps) and requesting in the Order Notes for a smaller EVSE circuit breaker that matches your existing breaker rating. For example a 50amp BSA Electronics Intellisplit with a request for a 30amp EVSE breaker installed with your existing 30amp Dryer or Water Heater circuit.

This is a kit that requires home electrical installations skills or installation by a qualified Handyman/Electrician. Dimensions are: 11 3/4" x 11 1/4" x 4"

Please note: What needs and doesn't need to be permitted as well as local code vary from city to city, you will want to look into this before purchasing and committing. BSA Electronics is not responsible for these additional cost and returns are not accepted if it is determined you cannot use this custom built product in your project.

Some high efficiency Dryers such as the Bosch Series 800 Max slowly ramp the speed of the motor and don't draw significant current while running, which will cause erratic switching, to alleviate this the Delay Controller is standard in the BSA Electronics Intellisplit. If you are using a BSA Electronics Intellisplit™ to share one circuit and charge two EV’s (no Dryer) then you will definitely need the built in Delay Controller.

 URL link: BSA Electronics Intellisplit™

Need some extra length between your outlet and your Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVSE)? I custom build extension cords to the length your need and with the plug and outlet of your choice, see my extensions in the Adapter’s section for several models; Extension Cords

Email me with your custom request

Quick Sheet Manual: BSA Electronics Intellisplit™ - Intelligent Splitter

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