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Adapter #34 30A 14-30 extension cord 14-30 plug to 14-30 box outlet

  • 8079

Extend you 4 prong Dryer outlet out to your garage. Works well where you need a little more length to plug in your 30A EVSE. Constructed with my super flexible black rubber cord, with a box type outlet on the end. This cable is for 24amp continuous or lower load.

This extension can also be configured with a 14-xx plug (no neutral blade) It will fit into the 14-50 outlets commonly found in RV parks, sign up at  to see the surprising number of RV parks with 14-50 outlets and Tesla owners sharing their home 14-50 outlets with the community.  

The 14-xx universal plug also fits into common 14-30 outlets which are the newer dryer outlets (1996+), allowing you to take it on the road and plug into a friends dryer outlet. The EVSE and our electric vehicles don’t require the neutral line so this plug works slick by eliminating the neutral blade, we can then plug into several 14-series NEMA outlets.

Also allows you to plug your EVSE into:

NEMA 14-30 (common dryer outlet)

NEMA 14-50 (common Range/Stove outlet, 50amp RV outlet)

NEMA 14-60 (found at some Fair grounds)

Technical note: Electrically EVSE's and our Electric Vehicles do not require a neutral connection, just one ground, one hot and a hot/neutral, This extension is kept a lighter-weight and lower-cost by not carrying the additional unused 4th conductor (neutral), because of this, this cable is not suitable for an RV or other device that requires a neutral.

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