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Extension #11 30A Heavy duty extension cord, with Camco EZ-Pull handles for Electric Vehicles, 8 gauge cable

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30amp Black NEMA 14-50 extension cord

A very handy extension cord to have! Works well in RV parks and other public areas where you need a little more length to plug in your NEMA 14-50 plug equipped 30A EVSE. At longer lengths voltage drop can be an issue so we are now offering Heavy Duty custom extension cords built with one size heavier cable. Constructed of heavy 40amp 8 gauge cable to minimize voltage drop. This cable was designed for those who need a 50ft. or longer cord and need to minimize losses due to a long run. Also offered in shorter lengths This is a 30amp cable for 24amp continuous or lower load following the NEC's 80% rule of thumb. Constructed using my super flexible black rubber cord.

Built with quality Camco EZ-Pull handle connectors and my Super Flexible black rubber cable, It will fit into the 14-50 outlets commonly found in RV parks, sign up at  to see the surprising number of RV parks with 14-50 outlets and Tesla owners sharing their home 14-50 outlets with the community.

Please note this cord is rated for 30 amps (24 amps continuous load) which is less than the rated amperage of the NEMA 14-50 plug or outlet. The NEC's definition of continuous is one that exceeds 3 hours.

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