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Dryer Buddy™ TURBO #2 Triple Play 30A 240v Splitter, 5ft. cable NEMA 14-30 (1996+) to two 14-30 outlets and one 5-20 outlet wired to 240v with kWh meter

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New configuration with new Polycarbonate case!

Dryer Buddy™ TURBO allows you to share your dryer outlet with your EVSE and Turbocharge it at the same time with twice the speed! Allows both to share the 30A circuit. As running a Dryer on low heat/tumble dry doesn't use nearly as much power as high heat a ammeter is included so you may see how much current your dryer uses and you can use the rest to charge your car! Or just charge at night when not doing laundry and use the full circuit to charge your car. Great for apartment dwellers, temp housing or an easy hookup at a friend’s/relative’s house.

This Dryer Buddy is a Triple Play with two NEMA 14-30 outlets on the face and a NEMA 5-20 outlet on the side. All 3 outlets are always live.

With this Dryer Buddy you can connect a 240v compatible device that's equipped with a 120v 5-15 or 5-20 plug to your dryer outlet, it will fit into a 4-prong 14-30 outlet which is the Dryer outlet found in homes built in 1996 and up allowing you to take it on the road and plug into a friends Dryer outlet.

Be sure to check the information plate on your device or check online to insure it can handle 240 volts, some factory EVSE are 240v compatible and are not labeled such as the EVSE's that come with the Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid and the stock EVSE's included with the 2016-2018 GM Volt and GM Bolt

Example uses are:

Boost the output of the stock Tesla Gen 2 Mobile Connector included with new Tesla's to cut charge times in half without buying additional Tesla adapters. Using it's included NEMA 5-15 plug allows you to use standard extension cords if you need more reach.

Boost the output of the stock EVSE included with the new Chrysler Pacifica Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) to cut charge times in half.

Boost the output of the stock EVSE included with the 2016-2018 GM Volt and GM Bolt to cut charge times in half. Look for GM part #2427-7224 or #2428-0118 or #2428-8872 (these are just a few of the known numbers)

This unit is similar to Dryer Buddy #2 but the second outlet is a Hospital Grade orange 5-20 (common 120volt 20amp outlet) wired at 240 volts.

See my demo video here of the Plus AUTO variation also available:

I used a nice kWh meter that's an option in my custom built EVSE's. It reads Volts/Amps/Watts/kWh. Keeps track of how much energy your using so you know how much $ in electricity you’ve used by simple multiplying by your utilities rate (0.13/kWh here in Vegas)

Dryer Buddy vs. Dryer Buddy PLUS vs. Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO

The original Dryer Buddy model is a splitter (both outlets always live), You can add one of two Upgrade Paks for manual or automatic operation, an Upgrade Pak essential allows you to pay the difference in cost between the original Dryer Buddy and the Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO or Dryer Buddy PLUS AUTO.

What is a Dryer Buddy Plus? The Dryer Buddy Plus is a manual 2-way switcher based on the original Dryer Buddy. It allows you to share your Dryer outlet with your EVSE or any appliance like a Bitcoin miner. Only one outlet is live at a time, by default it’s the dryer outlet (on the left) with a flip of the switch, power is toggled to the EVSE outlet only. Designed so other members of the house don’t accidentally start the Dryer while you’re charging your EV;

The Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO is a fully automatic 2-way switcher based on the original Dryer Buddy Plus It allows you to share your Dryer outlet with your EVSE without having to flip any switches. Basic operation is simple, the Dryer outlet is always live and the EVSE outlet is only live when there is enough amperage available to charge your EV. When the Dryer is off it is drawing little to no amps so the EVSE outlet is switched on allowing your EV to charge. If the Dryer is turned on at any time then the EVSE outlet is switched off, when the Dryer is done, power is restored to the EVSE outlet and if your EV needs charging it will resume charging. Designed so other members of the house don't have to understand anything technical to use the Dryer when they need to do a load of laundry, See my demo video here:  Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO with kWh meter Demo

For the PLUS and Plus Auto models the meter is wired to read system Voltage and only meter the Current flowing through the EVSE outlet, unlike the original Dryer Buddy where the meter reads all Current flowing through the unit. In this configuration the Kilowatt Hours (kWh's) will only accumulate for Energy flowing through the EVSE outlet (on the right of the face) this value is stored between power outages and may be reset when you like. This allows you to see only the Energy your Electric vehicle has consumed.

Note: Some high efficiency Dryers such as the Bosch Series 800 Max slowly ramp the speed of the motor and don't draw significant current (over 3.5 amps) while running, which will cause the Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO to switch the EVSE outlet off or it may switch several times in a short period. For these Dryers we recommend either the Dryer Buddy PLUS, that unit offers manual switching between outlets or adding the Delay Controller Upgrade Pak to the Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO, The delay kit solves this issue; Delay Controller Upgrade Pak. If you are using a Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO to share one outlet and charge two EV’s (no Dryer) then you will definitely need the Delay Controller Upgrade Pak.

Need some extra length between your Dryer outlet and Dryer Buddy™ or between the Dryer Buddy™ and your Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVSE)? I custom build extension cords to the length your need and with the plug and outlet of your choice, see my extensions in the Adapter’s section for several models; Extension Cords

Email me with your custom request

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