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EVSE SPY J1772 passive diagnostic tool 5’ J1772 cable with upgradeable length

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This is a custom built diagnostic tool to help you see what’s really going on between any Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVSE) and your electric vehicle. The J1772 Spy is passive. Proximity and Pilot signals as well as power/ground are passed thru end to end. The displays read off the lines to provide detailed information of the charging session. Very useful for public stations to determine actual services provided.

Now built with my new 4 Color Meter 

Displays all these parameters at the same time through the LCD and Quad meter: 

  • Pilot frequency in Hertz
  • Pilot duty cycle in %
  • Available amps offered from EVSE
  • Line voltage in Volts
  • Current being drawn by vehicle in Amps
  • Power being drawn by vehicle in kW (kilo watts)
  • Energy delivered to vehicle in kWh (kilo watt hours)

kWh’s are accumulated until the reset button is used. To reset, press and hold until the display blinks, release and tap. kWh’s will go to zero. 


  • Fully automatic, just plug in
  • Works on Level 1 and Level 2 EVSE’s
  • 65amp J1772 inlet and plug
  • Built for 50amp max continuous use.
  • No batteries, runs from line power during charging session
  • Passive, doesn’t change signals
  • Proximity safety inter-latch works as normal on both J1772 plugs while in use


Here is a video of me demoing the unit:


May be customized to your individual needs like all my products, just shoot me an email.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review