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ICE Breaker 32amp J1772 extension cable

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I’m excited to offer a J1772 extension!

The ICE Breaker is a extension cable that maintains the safety features and functions of the J1772 protocol. Specifically the proximity safety interlock works end to end on both the extension’s plug and the EVSE it is used with. This is accomplished with a extra conductor which is easy for me as I hand build all the assemblies. Doing this prevents dangerous HOT disconnects.

The ICE Breaker is a great accessory to have in your trunk. We have all seen the blocked EV charging stations. ICE Breaker gives you the reach you need when you get ICE’d.

Constructed with the same quality Duosida J1772 plugs I use for my BSA Custom built EVSE’s and a matching J1772 socket with hinged door.

These extensions have a continuous rating of 80% of their full rating. Although the NEC code applies to home wiring not plug in devices like this it’s a good reference place to start and use their 80% rule.

Available in 32/40A, 40/52A, 50/65A versions 20 feet to 50 feet long.  

Continuous rating/Full rating;

32/40A for use on EV's with a 7.2kW on-board charger or smaller

40/52A for use on EV's with a 9.6kW on-board charger or smaller

50/65A for use on EV's with a 12kW on-board charger or smaller


I get a lot of inquires about custom builds. YES I definitely take orders for anything you would like to see in your Adapters, Extensions and EVSE’s. Click Contact from the main page and send me a email.


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