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Power Spy™ #15 20A 240v power monitor - NEMA 6-20 to 6-20 outlet with kWh meter

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The Power Spy™ #15 is equipped with a NEMA 6-20 plug and a single NEMA 6-20 Outlet in a strong Polycarbonate enclosure. This is the same case used in the original Dryer Buddy. It allows you to monitor the wattage, voltage and amperage flowing through to your EVSE (Electric Vehicle Charging Station), or any other device equipped with a NEMA 6-20 plug. It also accumulates kilowatt-hours (kWh's), by multiplying this number by your electric rate you can see how many dollars and cents it cost to charge your electric vehicle or run the appliance you have plugged into it. The Power Spy is not just an Electric Vehicle accessory but can be used to monitor how much energy your Bitcoin miners, lights or any other 240-volt devices are using. Note: This device is designed for 240volt loads, not 120/240v mixed loads, the meter reads the 240volt circuit by monitoring current on Phase 1 only (black wire) which is all that is needed in a 240volt circuit. If you are using a 4-prong device that operates on only one Phase (120volts) the wattage and kWh's will be doubled as it's calculated at 240volts, also any 120v draw on Phase 2 (read wire) is not monitored. For this rare application we recommend the Twin Meter Upgrade Pak, each meter runs at 120volts and reads one Phase, wattage and kWh's are calculated and displayed independently on each meter for each Phase. Housed in a high strength Polycarbonate enclosure measuring 10.00 x 7.00 x 4.06 in / 254.00 x 177.80 x 103.12 mm

By default the unit has a single outlet on the right side of the case, we offer an option for a second outlet if desired on the left side of the case. You may also request specific positions for the outlet in the notes, for example; two on right side, two on the left side, one or two on the face like a Dryer Buddy ect.

Great for apartment dwellers to keep track of an individual EV when sharing a power bill. See my demo video here: coming soon.

Need some help identifying your wall outlet? We can help! Below is a description of the more common NEMA outlets and their numbers as well as some handy NEMA plug charts. You can also email us a pic of your plugs and outlets you need help identifying and we would be happy to help.

Here are the more common NEMA outlets:

  • 5-15 standard 15A 120 volt household outlet, the most common you see everywhere.
  • 5-20 standard 20A 120 volt household outlet, required by code in bathroom and behind your refrigerator.
  • 6-15 standard 15A 240 volt household outlet, found in homes and motels for running in-wall Air Conditioners, it’s the smaller brother to the NEMA 6-20 outlet. The 5-20 is not as common as a 6-20 outlet with it’s “T” shaped slot as it will accept both 6-20 and 6-15 plugs.
  • 6-20 standard 20A 240 volt household outlet, found in homes and motels for running in-wall Air Conditioners, also found occasionally in residential garages.
  • 6-50 standard 50A 240 volt 3-prong outlet, found in shops and garages used for large welders.
  • 10-30 standard 30A 240 volt 3-prong Dryer outlet found in homes build before 1996
  • 14-30 standard 30A 240 volt 4-prong Dryer outlet found in homes build in 1996 and newer
  • 14-50 standard 50A 240 volt 4-prong Range (electric stove top) outlet, also called RV-50 at the RV parks. By far the best universal connector to have for an EVSE. This is the one the Tesla guys install in their garages.
  • TT-30 (Travel Trailer 30amp) 30A 120 volt 3-prong outlet, the older style found in RV parks, not used in residential homes.
  • L6-30 (locking 240 volt 30amp) Twist-Lock 30A 240 volt outlet, my personal favorite locking connector, easy to find in stores, works great for adding adapters to portables EVSE’s equipped with a L6-30 plug.

220/240 volt outlets are commonly install with the ground pin towards the ceiling for safety. 110/120 volt outlets can be found mounted in all directions. Be sure to carefully look at your outlet and the chart, it's easy to mistake one outlet for another if your outlet has it's ground pin facing the floor instead of the ceiling or Vice Versa compared to the chart.

In the full NEMA number you will see a capital R or P. The R stands for Receptacle (outlet) and the P stands for Plug, we commonly truncate this to just the numbers and add the word receptacle (or outlet) at the end. For example 14-50R becomes 14-50 receptacle or 14-50 outlet.

Need some extra length between your Dryer outlet and Dryer Buddy™ or between the Dryer Buddy™ and your Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVSE)? I custom build extension cords to the length your need and with the plug and outlet of your choice, see my extensions in the Adapter’s section for several models; Extension Cords

Give you new Buddy unit a techie look with Beautiful Black Socket Head Screws with matching black washers; Black Socket Head Screw and washer Upgrade Pak for all Buddy units


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