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Premium Braided 14-30 Input Cable for 30amp Dryer Buddy's

  • 5349

With this option I replace the input cable with a BSA Braided Cable constructed the same way as my Ultra flexible BSA Custom J1772 Whips and a 10-30 plug.

All Dryer Buddy's have a cable already included as shown and it's value has been calculated into the upgrade's prices. Any Dryer Buddy may be upgraded with the Premium Braided Input Cable by adding this option. This upgrade is for 30amp Dryer Buddy's, for other Buddy units please see the 50amp upgrade product.

Requires purchase of a Dryer Buddy.

Note: The pic showing the cable has a NEMA 10-30 plug and is only for illustration purposes, this upgrade includes a NEMA 14-30 plug

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