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Super Flexible rubber L6-30 Input Cable for 30amp EasySplit 220™ and Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO

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With this option I replace the input cable with a Super Flexible rubber cable and a Twist-lock L6-30 plug.

All 30amp EasySplit 220™, Dryer Buddy PLUS and Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO's have a cable already included as shown and it's value has been calculated into the upgrade's prices. Any 30amp unit may be upgraded with the Super Flexible rubber cable by adding this option. This upgrade is for 30amp EasySplit 220™, Dryer Buddy PLUS and Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO's, for 50amp Electric Range Buddy, RV Buddy and 50amp Welder Buddy units please see the 50amp upgrade product; 

Requires purchase of a EasySplit 200™, Dryer Buddy PLUS or Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO. Plug and Outlet shown for clarity, outlet not included.

Technical note: 
Electrically EVSE's and our Electric Vehicles do not require a neutral connection, just one ground and two Hots, a NEMA 6-30 wall outlet only supplies two Hots and one ground, NO NEUTRAL. This power input cable upgrade is for Buddy units supplying power to EVSE’s (Electric Vehicle Charging Stations) and other devices running at 240v. This power input cable does NOT provide a Neutral at the 10-30, 14-30, 14-50, 10-50, ect socket on a EasySplit 220™ or Buddy unit, because of this, this upgrade is not suitable for an RV or other device that requires a neutral.

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