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Upgrade pak for Dryer Buddy™ on order (waiting for build) to remote EVSE outlet

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New configuration with new Polycarbonate case!

This is an Order Upgrade Pak for pending 30amp Dryer Buddy orders of any number that have the following outlets on the right side of the face which is the EVSE outlet; NEMA 10-30, 10-50, 6-30, 6-50, 14-30, 14-50, As well as the following Twist-Lock outlets; NEMA L6-20, L14-20, L6-30, L14-30. It upgrades the order to a Triple Play + Remote Outlet so that the EVSE outlet is now a remote outlet on a captive whip.

The right outlet on the Dryer Buddy becomes a local convenience outlet. It will be the same NEMA model as the EVSE outlet (other outlets available by request). It is part of the EVSE circuit and works the same as the remote EVSE outlet, but may be wired as an always-on outlet upon request or connected to the Dryer outlet sensing circuit upon request. This Triple Play outlet can have many uses. For example If the EVSE outlet is a NEMA 10-30 as found on a Dryer Buddy #1 then the local convenience outlet will be a 10-30, If the EVSE outlet is a NEMA 14-50 as found on a Dryer Buddy #4 then the local convenience outlet will be a 14-50. This Upgrade Pak is not for existing Dryer Buddy's that are already built.

You must have a Dryer Buddy on order FIRST or in your cart before adding this Upgrade Pak, purchasing this upgrade doesn't include a Dryer Buddy, it is an Upgrade Pak as titled.

If this Upgrade Pak is ordered after 2 business days (M-F) from the original order you must contact BSA Electronics first to see if your original order qualifies as it may be to far along into the build process.

By default the cable will be installed to exit the bottom of the outlet box, but may exit the rear by request, simple enter a note in the notes box at checkout.

The pic shown is of a Dryer Buddy Plus AUTO #2 and is only for illustration purposes to show the remote outlet and whip. Your unit will have the outlets and meter as you order it. It will come in the rectangular Polycarbonate case seen on the Dryer Buddy product page.


  • Dryer outlet stays the same
  • Duplicates the EVSE outlet (on the right of face) to a remote outlet of the same connector type
  • Triple Play outlet on right side of face is now a local convenience outlet (also wired to EVSE circuit by default)
  • 10ga. 30amp Black rubber whip (captive, doesn't disconnect from DB box)

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