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Welder Buddy #1 50A 240v Splitter, 14' 6-50 input cable to two 6-50 outlets with kWh meter

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Welder Buddy allows you to share your Welder outlet with your EVSE. Allows both to share the 50A circuit. A great alternative to installing a dedicated Electric Vehicle outlet when you already have a perfectly good 50 amp 6-50 outlet available. Great for apartment dwellers, temp housing or an easy hookup at a friend’s/relative’s house. This unit is built with a 6-50 cable and two 6-50 outlets. This unit looks similar to the Dryer Buddy series units but has all 50amp connectors.

Be sure to set your Electric Vehicle or EV Charging Station (EVSE) to 40amps or less when using this Dryer Buddy (max draw for 50amp Dryer Circuit).

I used the 4 Color kWh meter for the unit, Volts/Amps/Watts/kWh Meter. This keeps track of how much Energy you are using so you know how much $ in electricity you’ve used, by simple multiplying the value by your utilities rate (0.13/kWh here in Vegas) The meter is wired to read system Voltage and all current flowing through the Welder Buddy to help you stay within the 40amp total budget. The total kWh's are stored between power outages and may be reset when you like. This allows you to see only the Energy your Electric vehicle has consumed.

Need some extra length between your Welder outlet and Welder Buddy or between the Welder Buddy and your Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVSE)? I custom build extension cords to the length your need and with the plug and outlet of your choice, see my extensions in the Adapter’s section for a few models;

Email me with your custom request.

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