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Another NEW Dryer Buddy product now available!

Posted by Brad Apelgren on

Dryer Buddy™ Quadplex #2 20A is based upon the original Dryer Buddy but is even more versatile! This unit takes the place of several other Dryer Buddy numbers, it plugs into a NEMA 6-20 outlet (20amp 240volt). The Dryer Buddy™ Quadplex 20A has FOUR outlets, two NEMA 10-30 and two NEMA 6-20, you may plug in up to four devices total to share a 20amp outlet and view your total amperage draw on the color meter screen! This versatile splitter allows you to plug in several EVSE's, Bitcoin miners, grow lights at the same time while monitoring the amperage/wattage draw allowing you to safely load the 20amp wall outlet for maximum use.

Be sure to set your Electric Vehicle or EV Charging Station (EVSE) to 16amps or less when using this Dryer Buddy (max draw for 20amp Dryer Circuit).

We offer full customization, if you need a different plug or outlets or specific outlets in specific positions we can built that for you! Email me with your custom request

Dryer Buddy allows you to share your 20amp 240volt wall outlet with your EVSE(s). Allows four items to share the 20A circuit. An ammeter is included so you may see how much current your items are drawing and maximize the full circuit. Great for apartment dwellers, temp housing or an easy hookup at a friend’s/relative’s house.

Product Page Link:  Dryer Buddy™ Quadplex #2 20A 240v Splitter

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