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New cable both splits and extends your Dryer outlet to help charge your Tesla!

Posted by Brad Apelgren on

Another unique creation from BSA!

The Double Down Splitter for Tesla Plugs into common a 3-prong Dryer Outlet found in homes built before 1996 (NEMA 10-30). This extension splitter allows you to plug in your 14-30 or 14-50 plug equipped EVSE or Appliance with more reach. This cable both splits and extends your 3-prong Dryer outlet out to your garage while converting to to NEMA 14-30/14-50 at the same time. Works well where you need a little more length to plug in your 30A EVSE but don't want to swap plugs or leave the Dryer unplugged. Constructed of heavy 30amp cable, with a box type outlet on the end.

The gray 10-30 cord is always 5' and plugs into your existing Dryer outlet, while your Dryer plugs into the 10-30 outlet in the middle of the cable. The black cable is offered in your choice of lengths with a box outlet on the end which accepts both NEMA 14-30 and 14-50 plugs. It also has a nice blue LED indicator to confirm power is at the outlet.

This is a 30amp cable for 24amp continuous or lower load following the NEC's 80% rule of thumb. Constructed using my super flexible black rubber cord.

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