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NEW PRODUCT! 48A 11.5kW BSA Power Station™ - Premium Level 2 load balancing J1772 Charging Station for all Electric Vehicles

Posted by Brad Apelgren on

The 48-amp Premium BSA Power Station is ready to be hard-wired and works with all production EV’s on the road today. It offers faster charging and exclusive load balancing between a max of 4 stations.

  1. More power and advanced features for the money than other charging stations
  2. Intelligent Load Sharing: The BSA Power Station provides the capability to
    wire up to 4 BSA Power Station and Tesla Wall Connectors to a single circuit, giving vehicle owners reassurance that they can charge multiple vehicles at home simultaneously!
  3. Smart during a power outage: If a power outage occurs, the BSA Power Station
    automatically resumes charging when power is restored. If the charging cable is plugged into the vehicle when power is restored, the lights blink and the unit does not energize the charging cable for approximately 15 seconds
    to three minutes. This prevents the utility grid from experiencing a large surge when power is restored and allows vehicles to begin drawing
    current at random times, rather than all at once
  4. Can be used with any power source: Use a double pole circuit breaker rated for 100A to obtain the fastest charging for 2 or more stations. In certain installation locations, this level of power isn’t readily available. Therefore, you can adjust the circuit breaker rating on the Wall Connector from 15A to 100A
  5. Based upon Tesla's robust 80amp Wall Connector: De-rated to 48amps to leverage the heavy duty build of an 80 amp unit while never breaking a sweat at 48 amps
  6. Automatic Self-Monitoring and Recovery: The BSA Power Station has a ground monitoring circuit that continuously checks for the presence of a safe ground connection and automatically recovers from faults. Manual testing and resetting is not required. Temporary problems such as ground faults or utility power surges are overcome automatically. If a residual current fault occurs that interrupts charging, the BSA Power Station automatically tries to clear the fault and reattempt charging. If the problem is immediately sensed a second time, the BSA Power Station waits 15 minutes before trying to charge. This process repeats 4 times and if all attempts are unsuccessful, power is removed and no further attempts are made. In this case, you will see a red error light on the front panel. It is recommended that when you see a red error light, you power off the BSA Power Station by switching off the upstream circuit breaker, and then power it back on again. The BSA Power Station can alternatively be reset when a red error light is encountered using the RESET   button
  7. Indoor and Outdoor rated

Product Page Link: 48A 11.5kW BSA Power Station™


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