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OpenEVSE Advanced Series - 32amp 240volt Indoor/Outdoor Charging Station

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One 32amp unit left, in stock now!
Lead time 5-6 weeks when marked Sold Out due to OpenEVSE supply constraints
The most Advanced and fully featured charging station on the market...This Charging Station powered by OpenEVSE is powerful and packed with features at a price that gets you only the basics with the other guys. OpenEVSE experts have put together the best hardware and features developed by the Open Source community over the last 5 years.
The ADV-B-32 Charging Station is designed to provide wide voltage support from 110- 240v AC, Level 1 and Level2, 7.68kW, at 32A. Equipped with the popular NEMA 14-50 plug, it plugs into 14-50 240v 50amp RV/Electric Range outlets. Includes cable holster shown.

Charge current is adjustable from 6amps to 32amps in 1A increments. Connect to charging network or Home automation system with MQTT or the Open Charge Point Protocol OCPP 1.6J.

NEMA 14-30 outlets - 24A max charging
NEMA 14-50 outlets - 32A max charging
NEMA 14-60 outlets - 32A max charging


The LCD display provides live power usage, state information & quick access to settings


Charge to full, Charge for xxx Minutes (15 min increments) or Add xxx kWh (1kWh increments)


Based on the SAE J1772 and IEC Standards. Compatible with all modern vehicles


All safety features required by SAE J1772, UL and NEC are standard


Current is adjustable with WiFi


WiFi is included. Control, automate and monitor your charging sessions with open software and standard protocols. NO App needed! simple IP address access from your Phone, Tablet or PC


Tools to integrate charging station with home automation and energy monitoring


During power up & before each charge session, the charging station performs an extensive safety check


Here is a link to me demoing this EVSE:
-link coming-


If you would like this unit customized with a twist lock plug for example or something other than the NEMA 14-50 plug I can do that for the difference in parts. For example a L6-30. This would allow you to use many adapters. I also build custom adapters, Please email me with your custom request.


Heavy Duty internals:
This 32amp unit is built with the same Struthers-Dunn brand heavy duty 50amp relay that the higher amperage OpenEVSE contain, giving you longer life now and the ability to change the Power Input cable and J1772 cable to heavier ones in the future for higher amperage charging.


Custom order possibilities:
I get a lot of inquires about custom builds. YES I definitely take orders for anything you would like to see in your EVSE. Please see the Custom category.
It will charge any J1772 compliant car at up to 32A including home built/converted cars with a J1772 inlet installed.


New Tax Credit now available! 
Google search "Alternative fuel vehicle refueling property credit" for more info on this 30%  tax credit. Please check with your tax accountant to verify that you qualify.


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