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Adapter #108 50A 14-xx Universal Plug to 6-50 surface box

  • 6995

Another amazing custom adapter! It has a 14-xx universal plug and a NEMA 6-50 box outlet. With this adapter you can connect your 6-50 plug equipped EVSE into any of three outlets, it will fit into the 14-50 outlets commonly found in RV parks as well as a 14-30 outlet which is the newer dryer outlet found in home built in 1996+ allowing you to take it on the road and plug into a friends newer dryer outlet. The EVSE and our electric vehicles don’t require the neutral line so this plug works slick by eliminating the neutral blade, we can then plug into several 14-series NEMA outlet.

Also allows you to plug your EVSE into:

NEMA 14-30 (1996+ common dryer outlet)

NEMA 14-50 (common Range/Stove outlet)

NEMA 14-60 (found at some Fair grounds)


The socket is the surface mount box type.

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