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Adapter #65 30A 14-30 plug, black extension cord with Camco EZ-Pull 14-50 outlet

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2 products in 1! A very handy extension cord to have! Works well at friends and family's homes to reach their NEMA 14-30 4-prong Dryer Outlet (found in homes 1996+) giving you a little more length to plug in your NEMA 14-50 plug equipped EVSE. This cable is both an extension and an adapter with a 14-30 plug and a 14-50 outlet.

This cable is for 24amp continuous or lower load so you must set your EVSE or Electric Vehicle to no higher than 24amps. Great for EV's and more! All 4 conductors are carried end to end allowing use with RV's and other equipment that require a neutral. Custom lengths available, email me and I would be happy to give you a good price.

Built with heavy 10 gauge super flexible black rubber cable and a quality Camco EZ-Pull handle outlet.



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