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Adapter #79 30amp, 6-50 Plug to 14-30 box outlet Adapter

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Sometimes you just need something custom! This adapter was created by request and added to the website. It has a 6-50 plug and a 14-30 box type outlet. With this adapter you can connect a 240v device that's equipped with a 14-30 plug to a 6-50 outlet.

Technical note: Electrically EVSE's and our Electric Vehicles do not require a neutral connection, just one ground and two Hots, a NEMA 6-50 wall outlet only supplies two Hots and one ground. This adapter is for EVSE’s (Electric Vehicle Charging Stations) and other devices running at 240v, this adapter does NOT provide a Neutral at the 14-30 socket, because of this this cable is not suitable for an RV or other device that requires a neutral.

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