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EVSE adapter to plug into common 15amp and 20amp 120 volt wall outlets, for L14-30 EVSE's - Adapter #95 v.2

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Plugs into common 15amp and 20amp 120 volt wall outlets. Allows you to plug your L14-30 equipped EVSE into standard NEMA 5-15 or 5-20 outlets. 20amp outlets typically have one straight slot and one "T" shaped slot. The "T" shaped slots indicates backward compatibility with 15amp plugs. This is what allows Adapter #95 to fit into two different sockets.

Using the same L14-30 socket as adapter #95. Version 2 has a 90 degree heavy duty plug for strain relief allowing the adapter to hang straight down. Will plug into 15 amp and 20 amp outlets.

Constructed with heavy cable for use on 15 and 20 amp circuits.

Note: Your EVSE must be 120 volt compatible to use this adapter such as my D25-16A EVSE, EVSE2, EVSE60, EVSE74 for example. Please note EVSE D25-16A is a non-adjustable 16amp unit and requires a 20amp minimum circuit. Color of power cord may vary.

Adapter #95 v.2 20amp 5-15 Plug to L14-30 socket adapter

Here are the more common NEMA outlets:

    • 5-15 standard 15A 120v household outlet, the most common you see everywhere.
    • 5-20 standard 20A 120v household outlet, required by code in bathroom and behind your refrigerator.
    • 6-20 standard 20A 240v household outlet, found in homes and motels for running in-wall Air Conditioners, also found occasionally in residential garages.
    • 6-50 standard 50A 240v 3-prong outlet, found in shops and garages used for large welders.
    • 10-30 standard 30A 240v 3-prong Dryer outlet found in homes build before 1996
    • 14-30 standard 30A 240v 4-prong Dryer outlet found in homes build after 1996
    • 14-50 standard 50A 240v 4-prong Range (electric stove top) outlet, also called RV-50 at the RV parks. By far the best universal connector to have for an EVSE. This is the ones the Tesla guys install in their garages.
    • TT-30 (travel trailer 30amp) 30A 240v 3-prong outlet, the older style found in RV parks, not used in residential homes.
    • L6-30 (locking 240v 30amp) Twist-Lock 30A 240v outlet, my personal favorite locking connector, easy to find in stores, works great for adding adapters to portables EVSE’s equipped with a L6-30 plug.

Note: This is for EVSE’s (Electric Vehicle Charging Stations) NOT RV, and a RV adapter won't work because the pin-out is different for a RV's different purpose.

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