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Upgrade Pak WiFi module - add WiFi connectivity to your OpenEVSE Charging Station

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Upgrade any of my Custom EVSE's at time of build with a WiFi module!

Control, automate and monitor your charging sessions with open software and standard protocols. Supports logging current measurement and temperature sensors. Create your own free dashboard on the OpenEnergy  Monitoring website that allows you to view data in real time from any web browser including you smart phone! (see pic #2)

You can also simply interact with the webpage that the EVSE serves up while at home. (see pic#1)

This Upgrade Pak is not for existing EVSEs that are already built. You must have a custom EVSE on order FIRST or in your cart before adding this Upgrade Pak, purchasing this upgrade doesn't include an EVSE, it is an Upgrade Pak as titled.

Supported sensors

Current Measurement on OpenEVSE board with Current Measurement Coil
Temperature – Built into RGB LCD Display with Real Time Clock
Temperature – Built into Real Time Clock Processor board

The above devices are included in some EVSE’s builds already, see their descriptions to confirm.


WiFi Module
Dedicated 5v power module

Includes installation at the time of build

Logging site setup guide (Beta)

Start here to connect your EVSE to your WiFi network and view stats via a webpage served directly visa the EVSE. You may also create your optional online monitoring account with 3rd party site Emoncms: WiFi Guide from OpenEVSE

Setup Free account at: OpenEVSE Energy Monitoring Home

BSA's expanded guide for connecting your EVSE to you WiFi:

Directions for WiFi module customers

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