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Charge your Tesla from your Dryer Outlet, no Electrician needed!

Posted by Brad Apelgren on

New GEN II Dryer Buddy Super SALE! The original Dryer Buddy Smart Splitter invented in 2015 is now improved! On sale and STILL PROUDLY BUILT HERE IN THE USA! Our unit automatically switches power to your Tesla or ANY plugin vehicle, both full electric models and Plugin Hybrids to give you instant access to Level 2 charging (220 volts) WITHOUT the high cost and wait of a panel upgrade, outlet install or hiring an Electrician. Just plug in your new Dryer Buddy and use it the day you receive it, no waiting on permits or contractors who don't show up on time or possibly at all, we've all had this happen to us and it'd not fun. Solve your Level 2 charging needs today and order a GEN II Dryer Buddy!

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