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New OpenEVSE Advanced Series - 32amp 240volt Indoor/Outdoor Electric Vehicle Charging Station added to the store!

Posted by Brad Apelgren on

I now offer a New OpenEVSE Advanced Series version, My 32amp 240volt Indoor/Outdoor Charging Station offers the same great features as the 40amp and 48amp units but at 32amps and a lower more attractive price. All the features that people love about OpenEVSE are in this unit, starting with a great looking custom Polycarbonate case, it's the most Advanced and fully featured charging station on the market...This Charging Station powered by OpenEVSE is powerful and packed with features at a price that gets you only the basics with the other guys. OpenEVSE experts have put together the best hardware and features developed by the Open Source community over the last 5 years.

OpenEVSE Advanced Series - 32amp Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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