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Water Heater Buddy Plus AUTO just released! Charge your EV with your Water Heater outlet

Posted by Brad Apelgren on

The fully automatic Water Heater Buddy™ is here!

The Water Heater™ Plus AUTO is a fully automatic 2-way switcher based on the Dryer Buddy™ Plus AUTO. It allows you to share your Electric Water Heater tank outlet with your EVSE without having to flip any switches. It takes advantage of the fact that domestic hot water demand over night is at its lowest, while this is also the most common time to charge an EV. Traditional tanked water Heaters are well insulated and can be switched off over night for several hours when large hot water demand isn’t present (showers/laundry) without losing all their heat. Power can then be restored a few hours before the first showers of the days are expected. This is similar to the installation of a 240volt timer which has been documented for some time on the web for the purpose of saving energy over night. Basic operation is simple, the Electric Vehicle (left) priority outlet is always live and the Water Heater (right) outlet is only live when your EV isn’t charging. When your EV is drawing little to no amps the Water Heater outlet is switched on allowing it to add heat to the tank of water. Any time the EV needs to charge or top up, the Water Heater outlet is switched off, when the EV is done, power is restored to the Water Heater outlet. It is recommended to set the vehicle or EVSE charge timer for a few hours before you need hot water in the morning  so the Water Heater has a chance to bring the tank back up to it full temp. Designed so other members of the house don't have to understand anything technical to charge an EV. Great for apartment dwellers, temp housing or an easy hookup at a friend’s/relatives house. This unit is built with a 5’ cable and two outlets.


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