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Customize Your Own Electric Range Buddy™ Plus AUTO with the plug and outlet combination you like!

Posted by Brad Apelgren on

We now have an Electric Range Buddy™ Plus AUTO Customize Your Own Page, here you pick your own power input cable and two outlets amongst many choices, this is offered as an easier alternative to looking through our catalog for a pre-configured Electric Range Buddy™ Plus AUTO to fit your needs.

Electric Range Buddy allows you to share your Electric Range (Stove top) with your EVSE. The idea is the same as the Dryer Buddy and is useful for people where a Electric Range is located near the garage or parking space. Allows both to share the 50A circuit.

The Electric Range Buddy Plus AUTO is a fully automatic 2-way switcher based on the original Electric Range Buddy Plus It allows you to share your Electric Range outlet with your EVSE without having to flip any switches. Basic operation is simple, the Electric Range outlet is always live and the EVSE outlet is only live when there is enough amperage available to charge your EV. When the Electric Range is off it is drawing little to no amps so the EVSE outlet is switched on allowing your EV to charge. If the Electric Range is turned on at any time then the EVSE outlet is switched off, when the Electric Range is done, power is restored to the EVSE outlet and if your EV needs charging it will resume charging. The switch over point is approximately 2amps.

Great for apartment dwellers, temp housing or an easy hookup at a friend’s/relative’s house.

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