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New Product available! Power Spy™ Triple Play #1 30A 240v power monitor - NEMA L6-30 to single L6-30 outlet and two NEMA 10-30 outlets

Posted by Brad Apelgren on

The Power Spy™ Triple Play allows you to monitor your L6-30 outlet's energy usage and expand  to other products with two NEMA 10-30 outlets, one metered and one unmetered pass through!  Now you can see exactly how much your computer rack, cryptocurrency miners, electric vehicle charging equipment, or anything else equipped with an NEMA L6-30 plug is using for power. The beautiful four color meter tells you instantly what your line voltage is, your amperage draw is, your wattage draw is, and it even accumulates kilowatt-hours (kWh's). You can multiply the kilowatt-hours by your local electrical rate to see how many dollars and cents it cost to run your particular device. We pay approximately $0.125 per kWh here in Las Vegas.  The total is accumulated until you press the recessed reset button. The total is even held during power outages. This is a great solution to monitor the cost of operating computer racks, for example using a 240volt 30amp PDU (power distribution unit) you can plug multiple 240volt computer power supplies into a single PDU, you then plug it's L6-30 plug into the Power Spy.

This Triple Play is a step up from the original Power Spy™ energy monitor, with 2 NEMA 10-30 240volt only auxiliary Outlets, one metered and one unmetered you can expand to other power products. The metered 10-30 will allow you to plug in a second 240volt 30amp PDU (power distribution unit) to keep track of it's energy consumption and the unmetered 10-30 Outlet is a pass through that allows you to daisy chain other power products, any load on the unmetered outlet will not be read by the meter. Housed in a solid 6x6x4 PVC gray box. This unit is built with a L6-30 plug, one L6-30 outlet and two 10-30 outlets. Other aux outlets available.

Note: The NEMA 10-30 aux outlets are for 240v use ONLY and are labeled as such. Their Neutral/Ground slot connects to the L6-30 plug's ground. NEMA 10-30 outlets are typically labeled as "120/240" but the L6-30 input plug doesn't have a Neutral provision so the NEMA 10-30 aux outlets are for 240v use ONLY.

Need some extra length between your wall outlet and Power Spy™ or between the Power Spy™ and your computer rack? I custom build extension cords to the length your need and with the plug and outlet of your choice, see my extensions in the Adapter’s section for several models; Extension Cords Email me with your custom request.

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